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Abs - 30 minutes of varying ab movements, guaranteed to make you feel those abs work. Focus is not only on the abs, but the core and lower back as well.

Ball Room Dancing - This class is a great way to get you ready for the dance floor. Joyce is the most gracious and versatile instructors around. Her calm demeanor and expert knowledge allow you to learn or fine tune such dance moves and the Tango, Salsa, or Waltz.

Barre Tone - This exciting new class is a 30 minute fun filled class with a taste of high repetition movements and a pinch of great stretches. The concept is to provide you a recipe of ingredients to make your muscles more tone and lengthened. Some of the ingredients you will be using are a ballet bar, stability ball, small weights and bands.

Boot Camp - Boot Camp is a fun but regimented way to implement your own body weight in a quick and efficient workout. You will be working both the heart and muscles in an involved manner by going from one exercise to another with no rest. The workouts involve calisthenics like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and many other body weight exercises...the difference lies in the intensity. In boot camp, your challenge is to take your body to its limit. You work, you sweat and, best of all, you burn calories like crazy.

Cardio Blast - This class is geared toward having fun while you sweet. Your legs will shake and your arms will quiver as they are challenged beyond their limits. This 30 minute workout incorporates muscle conditioning, plyometrics and metabolic training. Most of your exercises consist of you manipulating your own body to get the most of your workout.

Cardio Step - Classic Step class with great instructors. This is an Aerobic based class with the emphasis placed on the cardiovascular benefit and weight loss. What a way to sweat…if you want.

Karate - The purpose of Karate is to attain a healthier body and spirit. Through various stretching, exercise and self defense training we condition the body and the mind. Karate teaches self control, self discipline and an ability to handle difficult situations with confidence and clarity. Karate teaches children confidence and self esteem, these two traits are extremely important in athletics and helping to deal with peer pressure and bullying. 

Pilates - Using repetition and speed of movement as a focus, tighten up those trouble areas, improve the look and feel of your trunk. This is a core conditioning along with a touch of flexibility.

Push and Pull - This resistance class will cover from the basics of weight training as well as show you many ways to challenge your body.

Quick Fit - Call it a morning boot camp but more fun! This class demonstrates the latest fitness conditioning moves along with sound weight training and core training. This class is great to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning.

Sculpt - Experience this challenging whole body muscle conditioning class using the step, dumbbells, bands and your own body weight.

Spin - Group Cycling. Spin is a great way to build your aerobic threshold (cardiovascular baseline). This is an incredible training program that allows you to stimulate a “ride”. Endurance, strength, intervals and recovery rides can all be achieved by adjusting the resistance on the bike and ride provided by the instructor. Heart Rate monitors are recommended. Extremely suitable for all fitness levels.

Tennis Strengthening for Teens (12 +) - This afterschool strengthening program will focus on training the rotator cuff, core, legs and overall rotational power for Tennis. An assessment will be done prior to this class so the athletes can also work on any specific asymmetries.

Yoga - A class for all ages and fitness levels. It energizes the mind and body through a variety of movements. Excellent class for increasing flexibility.

Youth Strength and Conditioning - Geared towards children 12- 16, this program emphasizes the importance of agility and mobility in sports performance. Also included in this program is the importance of weight training safely and to maximize the overall muscle conditioning with flexibility training.