FALL 2019

Step - Classic Step Class with great instructors. This is an aerobic based class with the emphasis placed on the cardiovascular benefit and weight loss. What a way to sweat… if you want to. 2x/Week. $210/Session; $8 Drop-In

Sculpt - Experience this challenging whole body muscle conditioning class using the step, dumbbells, bands and your own body weight. 2x/Week. $210/Session; $8 Drop-In

Pilates - Using repetition and speed of movement as a focus, tighten up those trouble areas, improve the look and feel of your torso. This is a core conditioning along with a touch of flexibility. 2x/Week. $290/Session; $10 Drop-In

Yoga - A class for all ages and fitness levels. It energizes the mind and body through a variety of movements. Excellent class for increasing flexibility. 1x/Week. $225/Session; $17 Drop-in

Ski Conditioning - Sports specific movements to condition the legs, core and upper body to give you a head start on the ski season. Using basic to advanced plyometric and mobility drills to lessen the risk of a ski related injury. Hopefully this means many more runs down the mountain. 8 week session. $75, 1x/Week

Quick Fit - Call it a morning boot camp, but more fun! This class demonstrates the latest fitness conditioning moves along with sound weight training and core training. This class is great to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. 3x/Week. $265/Session; $8 Drop-In

Spin - Group Cycling. Spin is a great way to build your aerobic threshold (cardiovascular baseline). This is an incredible training program that allows you to stimulate a “ride”. Endurance, strength, intervals and recovery rides can all be achieved by adjusting the resistance on the bike and ride provided by the instructor. Heart Rate Monitors are recommended. Suitable for all fitness levels. 2x/week. $215/Session; $8 Drop-In

HIIT - This is an interval class for every level. You will use a variety of skills to provide a workout you don’t want to miss. By using Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, and your own body weight. The intervals will be divided by cardio and a working strength resting period. It’s a lot of fun, and each HIIT class will be different from the last. 1x/Week. $105/Session; $8 Drop-In

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