We offer a rotating slate of aquatic classes throughout the year, featuring a variety of programs available for members of any swimming level. While we are constantly assessing our offerings, and changing them if necessary, a sampling of our core offerings includes classes such as water aerobics, private swimming lessons, pee wee swim & tennis, recreational swim team and scuba.

In addition to our group classes, we have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff available for private lessons if you prefer more individualized instruction.

Our current schedule:

Recreational Swim Team

October 29th - December 13th
Mondays from 4:15PM - 5:15PM and/or
Thursdays from 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Cost: $120

Prerequisite: Pass The Woodlands Club Level 4 swimming, or aged 10 with Aquatics staff approval.
Swimmers participate in swim workouts, improve competitive skills and stroke technique in preparation for middle school and/or high school swim team.

The Woodlands swimmers and their parents have elected for a recreational approach to swim team. At The Woodlands, we try to accommodate our member’s need for flexibility. This recreational team focuses on skills for the school competitive swimmer, fun, and fitness. We allow swimmers to participate as little as once a week at a level of commitment that fits their needs. There are no meets with this program.

Please call Sheilla to register, or with any questions, at 781-3104 ext. 116. If interested, but this class doesn’t fit your schedule, please contact Beth or Sheilla.

High School Swim Team 'Tune-Up'

October 11th - November 15th
Thursdays from 3:00PM - 4:00PM
Cost: $80

This class will focus on getting our high school swimmers prepared for the upcoming swim season.
Swimmers will receive stroke and turn review, as well as basic swim workouts.

Please call Sheilla to register, or with any questions, at 781-3104 ext. 116. If interested, but this class doesn’t fit your schedule, please contact Beth or Sheilla.

Beginning Adult Swimming


Has swimming “NEVER BEEN YOUR THING” but you thought it would be good for your health? Definitely a FUN CLASS! It is said that misery likes company, but then again, a party of one is no fun so…definitely invite a friend. If you are a non-swimmer or consider yourself a beginner or an “uncomfortable swimmer”…then this is the class for you. Call Beth @ 781-3104 ext.112 OR e-mail to register. Class minimum: 4 Wrong day? Bad time of day? Call or e-mail Beth and let her know you’d like a different time.

Adult Introduction to Lap Swimming

Requirements: Must be able to swim a minimum of one length of any stroke.

Swimmers will learn how to take their current ability and put it into an effective workout. We will be working toward swimming the mile (or more depending on ability). Swimmers will learn how to use the pace clock, take stroke counts, swim some typical practice sets, use swim equipment and receive some technical instruction. Call Sheilla at 781-3104 ext. 116 to register. 

Adult Swim Training

This class will focus on endurance and speed. Swimmers with previous swimming experience, tri-athletes and those who have completed our introduction to lap swimming are welcome. Call Sheilla at 781-3104 x116 to register. If you are interested in Adult Swimming and these days/times do not work for you please contact Sheilla at 781-3104 x116 and let her know what would work.


Tot Swim

One parent/adult must accompany child in water. Ages: 6 months - 3 years
Please call Sheilla at 781-3104 x116 to register.

Aqua Aerobics

Call Sheilla at 781-3104 x116 to register. Minimum 6 registrants.

 Level I

Learns basic water adjustment skills. Beginning floats, submerging face, etc.  Graduates when able to jump in 4’ of water, tread and swim width on back.

Level II

Floats on own with relaxation and is introduced to the aquatic line. Graduates when able to demonstrate strong breath control by performing various drills, treading water, swims 25 yards on back.

Level III

Continues to develop breathing foundation and build their long axis aquatic line (for freestyle and backstroke). Students will also learn level 3 water safety skills.

Level IV

Continues to develop long axis aquatic line and refine rhythmic breathing. Swimmers will manipulate aquatic line for short axis strokes (breast & fly) as well as increase endurance. Students will also learn level 4 water safety skills. 

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