• Classes need a 5-person minimum, and have a 10 person maximum.
  • Drop-ins are welcome, but only if the class has room.



  • STEP:  Classic Step class with great instructors. This is an aerobic based class with the emphasis placed on the cardiovascular benefit and weight loss. What a way to sweat... if you want! ($128/1x per week)
  • STEP FUSION:  This is a great way to get both your aerobic workout and resistance workout in. This class is a fun blend of both. ($128/1x per week; $234/2x per week)
  • YOGA:  A class for all ages and fitness levels. It energizes the mind and body through a variety of movements. Excellent class for increasing flexibility. ($180/1x per week; $360/2x per week)
  • QUICK FIT:  Call it a morning boot camp, but more fun! This class demonstrates the latest fitness conditioning moves along with sound weight training and core training. A great way to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. ($120/1x per week; $216/2x per week)
  • HIIT:  
    Mondays: 9:05am-9:45am
    & Thursdays: 5:30pm
    The focus of this class will be on using your bodyweight and light weights that involve every muscle working together, and improving your aerobic capacity. High Intensity Interval Training is a training technique in which you give all-out effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. This high intensity workout will increase your body’s need for oxygen, creating an oxygen deficit, resulting in your body to ask for more oxygen during the recovery process. This “after-burn effect” is the main reason high intensity exercise can burn more calories and fat than steady state or low intensity cardio sessions. Come give it a try as Adam will give you a dynamic warm up and then provide you with a great workout.  Instructor: Adam
    Cost: $9 per class
    Minimum: 5 people / Maximum: 10 people
    (7 weeks: Mondays, April 11 - May 23; and Thursdays, April 14 - May 26)
    Please email Damian to sign up: [email protected]
  • Golf Conditioning:
    Golf season is upon us! What better way to get a head start on your game? Learn some of the newest exercises to help you improve your swing. Combining some of the foundation factors that are influenced by the golf swing, you will learn ways to improve balance, stability, posture, strength, and power; as well as ways to improve your range of motion. In this circuit style class, you will work your body to provide you with less limiting factors of the swing. Instructor: Adam
    Day: Wednesdays, April 27 - May 25 (5 weeks)
    Time: 5:30PM
    Cost: $75
    Minimum: 5 people / Maximum: 10 people
    Please email Damian to sign up: [email protected]
  • Pilates:  (Starts Tuesday, May 3rd at 8am)
    This class will be performed on an exercise mat and will aim to improve flexibility and stability by strengthening the muscles and especially the torso-stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and lower back. In addition, exercises will be targeting glutes and legs. Instructor: Liz
    Cost: $55
    Minimum: 7 people / Maximum: 12 people
    (7 week class: May 3 - June 14)
    Please email Damian to sign up: [email protected]


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