• Classes need a 5-person minimum, and have a 10 person maximum.
  • Drop-ins are welcome, but only if the class has room. 


  • Step:  Classic Step class with great instructors. This is an aerobic based class with the emphasis placed on the cardiovascular benefit and weight loss. What a way to sweat... if you want! ($9 / class)
  • Step Fusion:  This is a great way to get both your aerobic workout and resistance workout it. This class is a fun blend of both.  $9 per class  
  • Yoga:  A class for all ages and fitness levels. It energizes the mind and body through a variety of movements. Excellent class for increasing flexibility. $15 per class
  • Quick Fit: Call it a morning boot camp but more fun! This class demonstrates the latest fitness conditioning moves along with sound weight training and core training. This class is great to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. $9 per class 
  • Kettlebells: Kettlebells are one of the best tools out there for hitting a full body strength and conditioning workout. This class will focus on fundamental Kettlebell lifts: Cleans, Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows and loaded carries. Supplemental mobility, flexibility, and core exercises will also be mixed in! Come try it out to see how versatile the Kettlebell can be to reach any fitness goal or come to sharpen your technique and learn new variations! $9 per class.
  • Pilates Fusion:  Combining Pilates based movements with toning and shaping exercises. $9 per class
  • Sports Fitness:  We all remember the good old days when we used to sprint, do agility and mobility work…and didn’t even realize we were doing it. We thought we would try something fun this summer to bring you back. To get you back doing some exercises that benefit what you are doing now in Tennis, Pickleball or Golf and in addition do some exercises that increase strength. Come join Adam for 40 minutes of a well thought out class geared toward progressing you towards better overall fitness. $9 per class.


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