Membership Opportunities


Golf Membership

Provides access to all of the facilities of The Woodlands Club.

Recreation Membership

Provides access to all of the facilities of The Woodlands Club with the exception of the golf facilities. Recreation members may participate in golf lessons and clinics.

Junior Membership

Is available for applicants under the age of 35 and provides access to all of the Club’s facilities as either a family or individual membership. Junior members must enroll in another membership classification at the commencement of the year of their 35th birthday.

Family Membership

Provides access to the Club’s facilities to the immediate family, including spouse-equivalent living with the member and children under the age of 26 who are unmarried dependents living with the member.

Individual Membership

Provides access to the Club’s facilities by the individual member only.

Corporate Membership

A corporate membership shall be available to any bona fide business corporation or partnership carrying on an active business apart from the Club membership. Such membership shall be comprised of one or more individuals, each of whom must be an officer, director, owner, partner or full-time employee of the corporation. Each corporation shall consist of one primary member (who shall hold membership voting rights & may hold office) and up to three additional associate members (who do not hold voting rights and can not hold office) and are not counted for purposes of determining limits on membership in each class. Corporate members may change primary and associate members up to one time per calendar year upon payment of $250.00 per designee change. Each corporation will be responsible for one food minimum as specified by the Board of Governors. All individuals proposed to be a part of the corporation membership shall be required to apply for acceptance to membership.


Tours are available by appointment. Please call Joe Roux, General Manager, to arrange your tour.

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