Member Testimonials

  • I cannot overstate the value of being a member at the Woodlands. Being new to Maine, membership has been pivotal; it’s given me access to a wonderful network of families and fun activities that have helped make Portland my home.
    Ann-Marie Martin, Member Since 2010

  • We are honored to be members of The Woodlands Club and so proud of the amazing place it continues to become.
    Alec DiNapoli & family, Members Since 1996

  • Every time my friends and I play golf at The Woodlands; we always feel lucky to belong to such a nice club. Life at The Woodlands Country Club is great; 20+ years and look forward to the next 20.

  • I have been very happy to be a member at The Woodlands. We very often find ourselves saying how lucky we are with what The Woodlands offers in the area of services and how lucky that we have a great staff right now.

  • We enjoy the Club, the staff and the programs/events very much. Not only is it convenient to us, it has been a great social and recreational place to spend our time.

  • The Woodlands Club offers a lot to the greater Portland area, especially for families. As a four season facility, it stands alone.

  • I love the Club and look forward to many more great years.

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